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Best DDoS Mitigation Option Ebook 

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have pained IT security teams for years. For starters, no one-size-fits-all solution for defense exists because each organization has different security resources and requirements. Some organizations, for example, possess the staff and expertise to mitigate certain DDoS attacks on-premise but want to be able to direct their DDoS traffic to a cloud-based DDoS provider when needed. Others may prefer that a cloud-based DDoS protection vendor monitor all traffic and mitigate every attack. 

In this e-book, we will discuss the different mitigation options that Telehouse and Verisign offer and the key variables to consider when selecting an approach.


Overview of Ebook

  • On-Demand: Learn how to maintain full control of how and when to migrate
  • Customer-Activated Mitigation preferences
  • Telehouse and Verisign Initiated Migration - Faster Mitigation with DDoS Expertise
  • Always on: Faster time to mitigation
  • Telehouse and Verisign's Flexible Suite of DDoS Mitigation Options

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